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Welcome to my web site.  I hope you enjoy the poems, music, and greetings listed below as much as I've enjoyed creating them.  Some are humorous, some are seasonal, while others are meant to soothe the soul, or perhaps stir your emotions.  I will be adding new pages, often, and look forward to your return.  Please sign my  Guestbook (feel free to include any suggestions), and thanks for visiting!





September 11, 2001 - A Prayer for Humanity


In My Memory, Please Remember





A Cup of Tea





I Know Something

Cool Cat

Friendship Garden

A Birthday Wish

Second Chance

Family Album


The River

Dancing In
The Moonlight

Queen in Red

Blue Lady

Treasure Good Friends

Swimming in the Sea




Scary Night

Black Cat

A Witch's Halloween


The Old Haunted House

Ode to Autumn



     Christmas/New Year    


Night Before Xmas

The Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas To My Love

Finding Your Way

Friends Like You

Merry Christmas Grandson!

Merry Christmas Granddaughter!

A Christmas Potpourri

Happy Holidays

A Friend's Greeting

A Soldier's Christmas

Coming Home

The Magic of Christmas



         Valentines Day/Romantic      

A Valentine For My Husband

Two Hearts

Funny Valentine

Through the Years

Your Love

Valentine Kisses

My Valentine

The Lovers

Music of My Soul

I Took the Day Off

Phantom Dancer


  About Me 



Garden of




While you're browsing around my site, click the image above to hear my son's beautiful new album - lots of New Age, inspirational music to soothe the soul, warm the heart, and fuel the imagination!


Thank you, my dear friend Kathleen, for "Ellie" - she's an elephant who will be well cared for!
Kathleen was our dedicated school nurse, where we worked together several years ago!



Take a tour through Bryant McGill's fascinating and comprehensive gallery of poetic and literary talent.  Whether you are an author, or just love to read great poetry and writing, I guarantee that you will want to return to Mr. McGill's home on the web, again and again.


For a diverse collection of poetry from around the world, both classic and contemporary, please visit:

Black Cat Poems





A lifetime mantra for me...












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