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Thank you, Claudia, for this beautiful award!

Thank you, Betty!  What a lovely award!

Thank you so much, Tanya!

Thank you, very much, Tanya, Claudia, and Dianna for this
beautiful award!

My heartfelt thanks for this beautiful and cherished award!!

Thank you, dear Tanya, for an award to treasure!

Thank you very much for this lovely surprise!

What an honor to receive this.  Thank you very much!

Wow, thank you so much!!

Thank you, Peaches!  Beautiful! sweet!  Thanks bunches, Tanya!

What a wonderful surprise...thank you so much Claudia, Dianna, 
& Tanya!!

What a wonderful surprise to find this beautiful award in my email.  
Thank you very much, Phoenix Rising, for this gorgeous award of
recognition for creating graphics and for something I love doing.

What a surprise and honor to receive this gorgeous award in my
email from my sweet friend, Betty!  Check out her site for some
beautiful poetry! 


Thank you very much, Grandma Gail for this beautiful
plaque of recognition for my "newbie" attempts at making

Dianna, it is you who deserves this beautiful award for a
friendship that never stops giving.  Thank you!

Thank you, WOSIB....I'm so proud and happy to belong
to this great group!


Biba, thank you so much for this beautiful award...I am so proud
and honored!

What a delightful surprise to find this in my Guestbook.  Thank you,
WOSIB, for this beautiful award, received with much appreciation!

I was so thrilled to receive this beautiful award from GOF - a million thanks to a
group I love belonging to!



Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor


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