A Birthday Wish to our Daughter


It's your birthday - a chance to begin anew,
Do you know how proud we are of you?
You've come so far in this passage of time,
Independent, so grown-up and looking so fine.

Married, and mother to sweet grandchildren, too -
Is there really anything you cannot do?
Birthdays are milestones - a brand new year,
A special day for a daughter so dear.

So enjoy and celebrate who you are today,
You've made it all possible in your own unique way.
Your life has unfolded before our eyes,
We've watched you mature and grow more wise,

From a sweet little girl of long ago,
(Peeping through fences on  tippy-toe),
To a wonderful daughter who won't be fenced in,
Who deals with life's problems, should they begin,
With an open mind and an open heart,
Our families together, never apart.

For these things we're proud, and for so much more,
Happy Birthday to a daughter we truly adore!


Mom & Dad


 Copyright 2000 Virginia Carlson

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