Black Cat Blues


I'm just a friendly little cat,

With a furry coat of black,

Meant to cross your path at night,

And give you such a fright!


But, truly, all I want to do,

Instead of really scaring you,

Is pass on Halloween this year

And go and hunt for treats somewhere!


I'm tired of the same old scene,

From Halloween to Halloween,

Posing next to Big ole Jack,

With yellow eyes, and arching back,

Hissing like a vicious creature,

Such a nasty feline screecher,

Been there, done that, time for change,

Let me check out my full range,

Perhaps I'll be a calico,

And chase a mouse to it's dark hole,

Or how about a Siamese?

Or a lazy tiger at his ease?

Oh, the joy, the true elation,

I would feel at liberation,

From this creepy holiday,

Where I must howl the night away,

So if on Halloween, this year,

You don't see me, never fear,

Perhaps for once, they'll choose another,

To pose with Jack and make you shudder,

And since I have nine lives, you see,

I'll be who I was meant to be,

Crossing someone's path, perhaps,

While chasing mice, they're such good snacks!

But no bad luck to you I'll bring,

I'm just a cat, a playful thing!




Copyright 2000 Virginia Carlson








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