Blue Lady

I'm feeling kind of blue today
and trying not to cry...
It just takes time, I'm sure of it,
since you said goodbye.

We'd stood together for awhile,
and watched the setting sun;
you struggled with the words, that night,
and told me we'd had fun.

You caressed my face, once more,
in an awkward kind of way;
trying to make it easier
for what you had to say.

Easier for you, perhaps,
but not for me to hear;
the "let's be friends, I care for you,"
confirmed the loss I'd feared.

Now all I have are memories
and dreams of you at night,
and wishing you were next to me
in the early morning light.

My heart will heal, I know it will,
I only need to try;
but right now, every thought of you,
still makes me want to cry.


Copyright 2003 Virginia Carlson



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