Sometimes in the rush-a-round, hurry-up day,
Reassurances and hugs are kept at bay, 

Pursuing our goals and checking our lists,
There are schedules to meet - a timeline exists! 

No time for listening, loving, or playing,
Save it for later, we might be saying, 

When the day is done and the time is right,
But not while I'm busy, tomorrow I might...

...take time to sit and hug a child,
Or hold my lover's hand awhile,


Or listen and lend a willing ear,
To a friend who needs to know I'm "there,"

Yes, tomorrow’s a better time for me,
For today I'm so busy, can't you see.

Life’s fleeting chances we often neglect,
Those golden moments when one can connect,

Tomorrow’s a promise that may never come,
Yet, on that treadmill we continue to run,

Chasing the future, success at all costs,
A past full of nows eternally lost.



Copyright ©2000 Virginia Carlson









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