and may your day be the "Cat's Meow!"

Cool Cat

I'm the coolest of cats - I know how to relax,
Stretched out in the sun 'til it's time to run,
It's not that I think I'm so very wise,
But cool cats know how to prioritize.

This is the way to spend a great day -
A little work and a little play.
We all need some balance in our life -
It helps us deal with our stress and strife!

Did you ever wonder why we have nine lives?
Have you ever seen a cat break out in hives?
We have special places we call our own,
When we feel the need to be alone,

Then it's not long before we're back in the action,
Feeling a great sense of satisfaction,
'Cause we took some time to rejuvenate,
And knew enough not to wait and to wait.

So take time for yourself, once in while -
Take a "You" day and learn to do it in style,
Find your spot in the sun and let your cares go,
Make a purr-fect day - you deserve it, you know!


- Copyright 2001 Virginia Carlson -











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