Elephants are gentle creatures,

They have the most unusual features,

Their long trunks swinging to and fro,

As they all march in a row.



They're very loyal to each other,

And babies have no better mother,

Protecting young ones as they play,

Keeping each from all harm's way.



Circling 'round a water hole,

Quenching thirst, then blissful goal,

To dive right in and splash with glee,

They frolic in a water spree.




To watch from afar this joyful display,

Brings sadness to know that even today,

Their ivory tusks that glint in the sun,

Make them innocent targets for the poachers gun.




Let's all appreciate this endangered species,

And never raise a gun in greed,

Let's prevent the elephants' eulogies,

Give life, not extinction, to this animal in need.


Copyright ©2000 Virginia Carlson



Marching Elephants Animation Copyright ©Wayne Hepburn - www.elephanteria.com

African midi from RubyRed's African Background Collection







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