I Took the Day Off


I took a day off from the world today
Just to relax and sit by the bay;
It felt so good to take a breather, or two,
And my thoughts, of course, drifted toward you.

~ ~ ~

I remembered the days we had so much time
For loving, for laughter, and for feeling sublime,
While walking the beach on a warm summer's eve,
Or watching the sun set as the day would leave.

And the gifts to each other we gave out of season...
Those "just because" gifts for no special reason,
And watching old movies on rainy afternoons,
And laughing like children at silly cartoons...

~ ~ ~

I laughed out loud, looking back on one night:
We found ourselves in a massive food fight!
Both of us covered in all kinds of goo,
Followed by a passionate shower for two.

Where did those days go, and when did they stop?
It seems our lives are now ruled by the clock.
Come, take a day off with me, my love...
Let's gaze at the moon and the stars, above.

~ ~ ~

Come, take my hand and let's run in the rain,
Let's be like young lovers, once again.
We'll make mad, passionate love throughout the night,
And wake up at noon to a pillow fight!

Let the moment rule and not worry about tomorrow,
Live our dreams today and not look back in sorrow,
Let's instead celebrate all the memories we've made,
By living life fully and not being afraid.

Copyright 2003 Virginia Carlson


Painting: "Romantic Day," used with permission
Artist: Jim Warren
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