Queen In Red


I was your queen, you were my king...
Together forever, bound by a ring
You placed on my finger long ago
Our kingdom sparkled with a love all aglow
How could I know what lay ahead
Beyond the passion of our marriage bed
For me, there were castles in the sky
What reason would I have to cry?
We had riches far greater than gold,
If one measured wealth by a love untold,
Shared hopes and dreams to be realized,
Of a future we may have idealized.
But fantasies are often the stuff of young love,
Where the only limit is the sky above;
Immortal, invulnerable were you and I...
We had 'til forever...why would I cry?
'Twas the thrill of glory and the trumpets of war,
That called my love to a distant shore;
He lead the king's army with rapiers drawn,
To a bloody battle that took place before dawn.
Driven by desire for victory,
They fought with honor and bravery;
Yet doomed to die on the battlefield,
Where death was king and there was no shield.
My king was mortally wounded that morn,
Never to see his child still unborn;
He died a hero I was told,
But my bed remains so empty and cold.
In the name of honor and glory we fight,
Killing our enemies, isn't that what's right?
The war rages on and many more die,
Tell me, what reason do I have to cry?
~ Virginia Carlson, 2003 ~






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