What was it I saw
On the riverbank that day,
As I gazed at the sky
From the spot where I lay?

Was it a vision of your face
Somewhere among the clouds,
Soon to disappear
Behind a veil of misty shrouds?

I let my thoughts drift
To a time long ago,
When I held you in my arms
Never wanting to let go...

Holding on, even then,
How elusive was your heart!
Brief kisses, then goodbyes,
How quickly you'd depart.

Oh, the subtle hints were there,
Yet I gave you all of me,
Turning blind to all the signs
My lover's heart refused to see.

It wasn't 'til a friend
Who, to me, was like a brother,
Helped to open my eyes,
Telling me you had another.

Disbelief raged through my soul,
But I knew his words were true...
My heart split asunder
When I saw her with you.

On the riverbank, that day,
You had brought her to "our place."
I watched the both of you,
As she lay in your embrace.

I ran from the scene,
As it tore at my heart;
Couldn't get away fast enough...
My turn to depart.

Why do I return today
To watch the river's flow...
To bathe myself in memories
of betrayal years ago?

Oh, the ever-changing river,
So wise in its ways,
Reminder of the flow of life,
Receives my grateful gaze.

I listen to the birdsongs,
Smell the fragrances of spring...
The sounds of new beginnings,
And my heart begins to sing.

I hear my children's voices,
Coming from the hill beyond...
My husband beckons with a wave,
Like the river, I move on.
Copyright 2003 Virginia Carlson










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