Trick-or-Treaters' Escape


Happy Halloween to all the brave souls,
Who looked for treats from sweet-filled bowls,
Who cautiously knocked on strangers' doors,
And were greeted by trolls - come up from sewers!

Barely escaping witches on brooms,
They ran from zombies out of their tombs,
Dodging monsters and werewolves galore,
They weaved through a trail of blood and gore.

Our trick-or-treaters just wanted home,
But no one would help them - they were all alone!
Some would eat spinach, rather than treats,
If they could get off these evil streets!

Try as they might, they were lurched at and chased,
Round corners, down alleys, jumping fences in haste,
Inches away from long, sharp claws,
Of galloping goblins with drooling jaws!

Breathless and weary - a hairy escape,
They ran down alleys, 'twas so very late!
Homeward bound, hoping not to be found,
Their running feet hardly touched the ground!

Then midnight tolled, and the day was done,
Halloween was over - a new day begun!
Goodbye to a night of tricks and treats,
Hello to a new day of sunlit streets,
Until next year things'd be alright,
Then once more a gory eve of fright!




Copyright 2000 Virginia Carlson









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