Valentine Kisses

We came from different worlds,
two strangers seeking love.
We met on a December night.
The stars shined bright above.

The first time I saw your eyes,
my heart and soul on fire,
I felt a trembling deep inside.
You were my one desire.

January came and went.
Our love began to blossom.
Every thought was about you.
I've never felt so awesome.

February now upon us.
You were my true sweetheart.
My valentine to kiss and hug,
we shall never be apart.

The day before Valentine's Day,
came the worst storm of the year.
Sleet, snow, and freezing rain,
but nothing did you fear.

Driving home from work that day,
you hit a patch of ice.
Your car swerved and hit a tree,
and then flipped over twice.

Sitting home all by myself,
just sipping on some wine.
A phone call came to let me know,
I'd lost my valentine.

There seems to be so much of you,
that this lonely heart misses.
I miss your love, I miss those eyes,
I miss my valentine kisses.


Copyright 2003, Kevin Jarrosak






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